The Acoustic Guitar Meeting is getting closer!

The Acoustic Guitar Meeting is getting closer!

All is proceeding well in the organization of the 17th edition of the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, just a little over a month away.The enrollment for luthier and ukulele/guitar playing courses is under way as always with more and more interest on the part of acoustic guitar fans.

Ten participants have been selected to compete in the 2014 Carisch “New Sounds of Acoustic Music” Award for emerging guitarists and singer-songwriters. The selection of finalists proved very difficult thanks to the high level of the participants who auditioned but unfortunately only ten of them will be allowed on the main stage on the evening of Thursday, May 29 and final decisions had to be made. Thanks to all and good luck to all those who didn’t make it: they were all very good and are invited to try again next year!
There are very few stands left available for exhibitors of guitars and guitar accessories; in a few days the Fortress Firmafede will surely be fully booked and registration will be closed. Latecomers or anyone who is still intending to book a booth are asked to hurry in order not to be excluded .

There are just a few details left for the organization of the evening concerts, which will bring many artists from various parts of the world to Sarzana.

PD*7059945The anticipation for the arrival of Bob Geldof who will receive the 2014 “Strings & Voices for Dialogue & Civil Rights” Award is growing steadily as well as for many other musicians who will intervene, each ready to do their part on the main stage of the Fortress Firmafede with particular curiosity about the performances of the acoustic quartet of Teresa De Sio and outstanding formation of the trio Finaz, Fausto Mesolella and Max Gazzè just for the AGM Sarzana.
Tickets online at this link:

medusa_sitoThere also is growing anticipation for the cast of international luthiers, guitar players and figures of all kinds in the industry who will be gathering in Sarzana for meetings, conferences and important exchanges of knowledge and research on the construction and production of the contemporary acoustic guitar. It brings us great satisfaction to have so many prestigious appearances at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting; it will be a great opportunity for everyone to gain knowledge and have fun among the display of such beautiful instruments!


Loc_Mostra Mandolino_sitoThe historical exhibition “The Mandolin World,” with more than 30 beautiful instruments from various sources and luthier design will be open from 30 May to 1 June. Don’t miss it!








Bluegrass flyer_ingleseAmong the various activities special attention goes to the stage located in the moat area which will continually host day concerts, jam sessions and workshops including the Bluegrass Meeting on Friday, May 30, the Heart Music concerts on Saturday, May 31 and Blues Bob Brozman Memorial Place on Sunday, June 1.




Check the website pages regarding specific information for the complete program, details of the various events and to inquire about hotel conventions for your stay in Sarzana.

Have a good trip and see you soon in Sarzana!

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